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Kawasaki ninja 250

Stylish sport bike Cover your motorcycle with full insurance option from any damage / loss
Engine: 250cc
Transmission: Mechanical
Fuel: Pertamax


Road assistance
There is no mileage limit on our rental
Full petrol tank
2 Helmet
Free Shipping


Starting date
Price per day: 28.00 $
Total price: 196.00 $


Kawasaki Ninja 250 – legendary sport bike manufactured by Kawasaki. Very popular in Bali among fans of two-wheeled transport. Stylish, fast and comfortable for long-distance trips.

History of Kawasaki Ninja begins from Ninja sport bikes series of Kawasaki, the Japanese manufacturer, in 1986. After the lapse of nearly quarter-century Ninja received only three substantial redesigns, so actual model of this bike has retained assembly traces of the original one. Ninja’s 250R version has a new bodywork, digital instruments cluster, twin headlights and new 140 mm wheels.

Due to Ninja’s ergonomics and chassis design this motorcycle straddles both standard and sport classes. It has great interaction for simple managing and comfortable driving. It’s hard transmission and wide range of suspension settings suits for speed and drifting as well.


The rental price of our vehicles includes free delivery and return if the following conditions are met:
  1. Delivery and return times are within the working hours of our company from 9:00 until 20:00 Bali time.
  2. Renter must provide delivery/return location and time 24 hours prior or earlier.
  3. Delivery location is within the 25 km distance of our company office which is located in the Dalung area. Zone of free delivery includes following areas: airport, Kuta, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Canggu, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Bukit, Denpasar and south part of Ubud.

Rules for rental scooters and motorbikes in Bali

  • Minimum rental period of our vehicles is 7 days. We can provide a motorbike or car for a shorter period, but the price will still be for 7 days.
  • Rental period of the vehicle must be agreed upon in advance and registered in the rental agreement upon receiving. In case of rental period extension, we must be informed at least 48 hours prior to the end of original rental agreement.
  • Our official working hours are 08:00 – 20:00 Bali time (UTC/GMT + 8 hours). We work every day without holidays and weekends.
  • Our company provides full insurance option which covers all damage of traffic accidents/falling and hijacking of vehicle for all motorbikes (scooters and motorcycles) within additional cost. Otherwise, if this option with insurance has not been added full risk responsibility for the motorbike remains for the client. The type of insurance for each vehicle must be indicated in the rental agreement in the appropriate clause.
  • Motorbike insurance does not cover damages in following cases: flat tire/cut tire due to the fault of the renter; necessary replacement of car battery due to full discharge because of renters’ fault (car lights left on etc.); deliberate deterioration of the vehicle; using the car off public usage roads (beach, fields, jungle, mountains, etc.).
  • All motorbikes are provided with original registration documents of vehicle. If lost – the fine of 80$ must be paid. In case the key of a vehicle is lost the renter must compensate full price of ordering a duplicate.
  • All the vehicles rented from our company have unlimited mileage.
  • When renting a motorbike our company is obliged to provide 2 new helmets in good condition. In case the helmet is lost or receives significant damage the renter will be charged for the price of a new helmet.
  • The rental price of our vehicles includes free delivery and return if the following conditions are met: delivery and return times are within the working hours of our company; delivery location is within the 25 km distance of our company office which is located in the Canggu area.
  • Please contact and consult with the manager if you wish to inquire about the possibility and prices of delivery in far areas (Amed, Candidasa, Lovina, Balian, Medewi, north part of Ubud).
  • Full rental payment is to be made upon receiving the vehicle on the Bali island. Payment for our rental service should be made in cash using USD, EUR, AUD or IDR at the current exchange rate. According to our company rules the vehicle rental agreement is signed upon delivery after full payment has been provided.
  • Based on our company policy all the motorbikes provided come with a full petrol tank. We ask all clients the same on return. In case the tank is empty/not full, we ask to provide the money for the missing fuel.
  • Our company provides additional technical assistance. This service is free if the problem that has occurred was not created by renter’s fault and the help is needed within our working hours. In case of a problem caused by a renter we take 25$ for this service.
  • If cancellation of vehicle rental on the client’s initiative occurs, we return 50% of the amount from the remaining term. There are not returns If you chose the minimum rental period (7 days).
  • Officially within the territory of Indonesia to drive motorbike you must carry international drivers license of a corresponding category. However we can provide an automatic scooter for rent without a driver’s license.
  • The renter takes full responsibility in case of damage caused to third parties because of an accident. The renter takes full responsibility for vehicle and all further consequences that may occur caused by providing the vehicle to third party which is not mentioned in rental agreement.
  • All rented vehicles are not allowed to leave the territory of Bali island.
  • In case the renter violates conditions of this agreement Need.Rent company has all rights to take the vehicle back without compensating. You can find out the full list of rental terms & conditions in our company.