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Batur night trip

Tour Programme

  • Start from hotel at 01:30 AM
  • Getting to volcano - around 2 hours.
  • Start to ascend around 04:00 AM
  • Watching sunrise at 06:30 AM
  • Walking around extinct crater - around an hour.
  • Getting back down - 1.5 hours
  • Bathing in hot springs
  • Return back to hotel - 14:00
  • The whole tour takes around 12 hours.

What’s included

  • Transfer on a comfortable 7-seater car with driver
  • Experienced english-speaking guide
  • Hot drinks on top of Batur
  • Drinking water

What should i take with me?

  • Comfortable closed shoes
  • Warm clothes ( it will be cold on top of Batur)
  • Camera
  • Good mood :)

For tourists who love active holidays we can provide an unforgettable journey to the foot of Batur and start to ascend! The climb starts at 1200 m above sea level and after reaching the top point of crater (1717m) - you will be greeted by amazing panorama view of Bali sunrize.

Batur volcano is still considered to be active up to this day so on top of the mountain you will be able to see and feel hot steam trying to find its way out of crater depths. The last registered eruption has occurred in 1964, the results of this event can be easily observed with an unarmed eye: the grass around is burned out and there are tons of solid-frozen lava present.

In 2000 the volcano has made a big discharge of ash into the sky which covered areas nearby.

This fantastic trip starts at 01:30 AM and you will start your travels to the foot of the volcano with our guide/driver. Our driver’s comfortable car would be able to provide some extra sleep, rest and preparations on the way if needed. When you will arrive to the starting point - you will be met by professional guide who will accompany you the whole way while you ascend.

Tracking starts at 04:00 AM and takes around 2 hours. Equipped with flashlights you will have to make your way to the top through rocky pathways to reach 1717m.

This challenge may be physically tiring and hard for some individuals, but trust us - it's worth it. When the top has been reached by the entire group you will watch the sun rise in a way you may have not experienced before. By the first morning light you will start to see gorgeous view of Bali island: neighbouring volcanos Agung and Abang, lake Batur and nearby villages.

After the sunrise you will have an unforgettable trip around extinct crater.

Making your way back down will take around 1.5 hours and after tiring track you can relax and enjoy the natural hot springs by the volcano to fullest!


Starting date
Price per person: 80.00 USD
Total price: 160.00 USD