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Bukit tour: Best beaches and mountain cliff temple

Tour Programme

  • Start from hotel at 08:00 AM
  • 1 hour drive to Pandawa Beach
  • Breakfast and relax time on beach
  • Padang-Padang beach and surf spot
  • Lunch with The Blue Point surf spot view at Uluwatu
  • Uluwatu Temple
  • Supper and sunset at Jimbaran restaurant
  • Back to hotel at 20:00
  • The whole tour takes 12 hours

What’s included

  • Transfer on a comfortable 7-seater car with driver
  • English speaking guide

This tour is optimal choice for newcomers to island of Bali who want to enjoy fantastic weather, sun and ocean with nice scenery. Together we are going to travel to the best beaches of south Bali - Bukit peninsula, where we can relax, swim and spectate professional surfers. Apart from all the beaches we are going to visit one of the main temples of Bali - Uluwatu, located on the cliff of the mountain, 70 metres above sea level. From the heights of the sacred place you will be able to enjoy surrounding beauty. We will end this special day on a high note watching sunset in one of the restaurants of local fishers village Jimbaran, sitting on the shore of Indian Ocean.

Fascinating journey will start at 08:00 AM and together with our driver you will go the most southern point of Bali. Our first destination will be Pandawa beach. To enter it we will drive through the mountain all the way down to the coast. The beach itself is a long yellow line which is washed by azure waters of Indian Ocean. This is a great place to have a lazy morning, relax and enjoy swimming in calm water. The waves do not reach it.

After getting some energy from beautiful colors and views of Pandawa Beach we are going to visit next beach - Padang Padang. The way down to the beach consists of tight rocky steps cut on through mountain top. The beach itself is international-level surfing spot and is often used for competitions. However, due to the good reef placement the waves do not reach shore so you can also enjoy swimming here.

Next stop will be one of most dangerous and one-of-a-kind surf spots on Bali - Uluwatu. The only entrance to water lies through rocky cave. During high tide almost entire cave is filled with water and the waves break very close to sharp cliffs. The surfing spot here is called The Blue Point. This is not the most optimal place for swimming, however you will be enjoying high-level surfing and great views from one of cafes on top of the cliff.

The Blue Point surf spot is located right next to Uluwatu Temple and this is exactly where we are going next. Temple is located on top of the mountain cliff and is extraordinary cultural landmark and is considered to be one of most holy and respected places by locals. There are monkeys roaming freely around the temple area so please be careful with your belongings. The sights you will see there are one of the best in Bali.

Our final destination will be a restaurant at fishermen village Jimbaran. You can try all sorts of various tasty fish while watching sunset on the shore by the Indian Ocean. After the sun has set and we finished you finished your meal - our driver will get return to the starting point of tour at your hotel.


Starting date
Price per person: 120.00 USD
Total price: 120.00 USD