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East Bali Tour

Tour Programme

  • 08:00 AM start from hotel
  • 2 hour drive to Tirta Gangga
  • Breakfast on the palace territory.
  • Driving to second Royal Palace - Udjung
  • Lunch and relax time on beach
  • Chocolate Factory
  • Sunset by the bat cave
  • Back to hotel at 20:00
  • The whole tour takes 12 hours.

What’s included

  • Transfer on a comfortable 7-seater car with driver
  • English speaking guide

There are many interesting and unusual attractions around the eastern part of Bali. Royal palaces with beautiful landscape, local chocolate factory and huge caves with thousands of bats. The east coast of Bali deserves extra attention: beautiful beaches with blue water of pacific ocean are fantastic for exploring underwater world and relaxation sessions.

The trip to east bali begins early in the morning so you will be able to visit all planned destinations before sunset. After 2 hour drive through bali you will reach first destination - Tirta Gangga Royal Palace. There you will be able to see beautiful bali sculptures and unique fountain, walk around water labyrinth and spectate various fish.

Your next destination will be Udjung Royal Palace located near north-east coast of Bali. It has great architecture and stunning terrain. Take your time to enjoy the view.

Second half of the day would be spent at White Sand Beach. You will be able to swim in pacific ocean and enjoy lunch at one of local warungs.

After everyone has rested on the beach we are going to visit Charlie Chocolate Factory located nearby. When there - you will feel like a child again, inside magical village. All the building there look like hobbit houses. The factory itself has been manufacturing sweets for many years. You can try them on spot and buy some as a souvenir if needed. This place is also known for having massive rope swings just by the Pacific Ocean, we recommend you try them.

Not long before sunset we are going to reach the final point of the tour - Goa Lawah Temple or how its known better - bat cave. It houses over few thousand bats, going deep inside the cave is not allowed. However just as the sunset starts - huge amounts of bats will start to fly out of cave for the night hunt.


Starting date
Price per person: 120.00 USD
Total price: 120.00 USD