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Ubud - heart of Bali

Tour Programme

  • Start from hotel at 09:00 AM
  • 1 hour drive to Bird and Reptile Park
  • Monkey Forest
  • Lunch and rest in one of restaurants/cafes nearby Monkey Forest
  • Elephant Cave
  • Walking around rice terraces in Ubud area
  • Sunrise supper with amazing view
  • Back to hotel at 20:00
  • Tour length - 11 hours

What’s included

  • Transfer on a comfortable 7-seater car with driver
  • English speaking guide

This tour is for people who would love to visit the heart of Bali and feel its incomparable atmosphere. Ubud is located right in the middle of Bali and is very different from most of the other areas. There is no ocean nearby but the place is filled with unique energy and nature vibes. There are rice terraces, temples, hills and tropical forest everywhere. Throughout this tour you will visit 2 national parks: one with birds and reptiles( where all of the birds and reptiles from all over Asia can be seen); the second park is Monkey Forest where you can see, feed and take pictures with a lot of small apes and trust me - it will not leave you empty hearted.

After exciting walks around parks you will be taken to an ancient bali temple called Elephant Cave. By the time sunset comes you will be surrounded by rice terraces and can enjoy amazing view.

Our experienced driver will pick you up at 09:00 AM from hotel/villa and the journey will begin. First destination is Bird and Reptile park which contains a large amount of various species from all over Asia. There are more than 250 different bird species starting from small parrots and ending on huge predator birds. There are not as many reptiles, however you can spot some very rare lizards, including the descendant of dinosaurs - Komodo Dragon which can grow up to 3 meters in length. Turtles, crocodiles and snakes can also be spotted there.

Your next destination is going to be Monkey Forest. This place is considered as a national reserve and a holy temple for locals at the same time. When inside you will get a filling of being present in real tropical forest. Huge, ancient trees serve as housing for thousand of monkeys are stunningly impressive and have some sort of magical beauty to them. Please note - the monkeys are always very curious and we recommend that you take expensive personal and jewelry items off to avoid theft.

Next stop - Elephant Cave( Goa Gajah.) This is one of the oldest shrines in Bali. The entrance has a large mythical creature face and inside cave you can see many various ancient stone figures and monuments that illustrate gods of different religions.

According to a legend the large mythical creature sucks up all the dark energy and thoughts of everyone who enters the cave. Specialists assume that this Elephant Cave was built in 10-11 century but despite its age it still stays in great shape. The cave itself has a mysterious vibe to it since nobody knows why it really was named like that and what was its core purpose.

The last stop of our journey - rice terraces Tegalalang. Those terraces are considered to be most picturesque in Bali. Here you can walk among small pathways made in between terraces to fully enjoy the view. There are many cafes and restaurants around so you can enjoy your meal while sightseeing.


Starting date
Price per person: 110.00 USD
Total price: 110.00 USD